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Priority Issues

3) Cut Wasteful Spending.

Cutting the present wasteful spending is key for long-term, financial stability. Other commissioners have made it their policy to focus on where government spends its money, ignoring alternatives for how the government could cut costs. However, it has always been my policy to consider both how wisely the government spends its money as well as where it spends it.

For example, I have listened to politicians explain how great our local library is to drum up support for the upcoming tax renewal. However, there was no educating the public on how wasteful the tax was spent over the past six years. The library spent $60,000 on books, and yet turned away every donation and removed 4,000 books from its collection since January. The library also spends $1 million/year on staffing, and refuses to train or work with volunteers from the community. Because of this wasteful spending, I was forced to campaign against the tax renewal despite of where it was to be spent: Libertarian Candidate for Manistee County Commissioner Opposes Library Millage Renewal.

My strategy is to a) identify cost-cutting alternatives for problem areas in our government spending; and, b) to follow through with implementation of these alternatives and maximize their usage for the most benefit.

1) Listen to the People | 2) Strengthen the Community

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