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District 7 Issues

Second Amendment Sanctuary.
According to MNA sources, the Manistee County Sheriff and the Manistee County Prosecuting Attorney already declared the county as a second amendment sanctuary. On February 18, they asked the Board of Commissioners for their support. And, as usual, the county board did absolutely nothing.

Brown township trustee, Tim Joseph, called this resolution "divisive, extreme and unnecessary". However, according to Parliamentary Procedure, the purpose of a resolution is to address a divisive opinion that has been brought before a board. In this case, this resolution was both necessary and pertinent.

This is not about constitutionality of gun laws. This is about supporting the sheriff and prosecuting attorney on a decision that they have already made. If residents don't like this decision, then vote them out. They are both elected officials.

This is also about a Board of Commissioners who consistantly neglects to do their job. When there is a divisive issue in this community you address it, you do not tuck your tail and run just because it's an election year and you want to get re-elected.

As your next district 7 county commissioner, David Holmer will not shy away from divisive issues, nor will he shirk his duties. David will make and support motions of resolution to bring these important issues to a vote. It is vital that the sheriff and prosecuting attorney publicly knows whether or not they have a board's support.

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